Gamma radiation penetration

Mutant cells can then divide uncontrollably, that is cancer and potentially lethal tumours develop. If any radioactive particles get on your clothes, skin or breathed in, they could cause irradiation over a longer time - hence lots of precautions need to be applied when handling radioactive materials. However, to avoid a possible misconception, irradiating an object, does not mean it becomes radioactive. The atom is now in an ' excited ' state and unstable because the electron has gained excess energy and if possible the atom would like to return its original stable state. The diagram above illustrates the process: 1. That's what we've believed for some time - but recent research makes us wonder if this is true after all.
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Physical Forms of Radiation

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Alpha particles have the greatest kinetic energy, because, although they have the slowest speed of the three radiations, they have by far the greatest mass, and this makes all the difference. For the most hazardous situations, protective suits and even filtered breathing apparatus might be used. Gamma-rays travel to us across vast distances of the universe, only to be absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere. Time is an important factor in limiting exposure to the public and to radiological emergency responders. The animation below shows the penetrating properties of radiations. If radioactive material is not in a sealed source container, it might be spread onto other objects. Many centimetres of lead or many meters of concrete are required to absorb high levels of gamma rays.
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Penetrating Radiation

This is the atom we look for when we're carbon dating an object. In , astronomers detected the remnant core of that star; a rapidly rotating, magnetic pulsar flashing every 0. Beta particle radiation:. Let's see how much you've learned:. However, to avoid a possible misconception, irradiating an object, does not mean it becomes radioactive. When the EM radiation has less energy than that required for ionisation, you still 'excite' an atom into a more energised state by promoting an electron from the outer shell to another, but higher level shell which may or may not be empty. What actually happens to the nucleus in alpha and beta radioactive decay and why?
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Why can these radiation cause genetic damage by breaking chemical bonds in DNA molecules? Lead is very good absorber of all types of radiation, but a thick layer in needed to stop all the gamma radiation. Alpha particles are the most ionising and gamma rays are the least ionising. The interaction probabilities for photoelectric effect are far higher from those of the Compton effect in the low energy range. Scientists believe that a gamma-ray burst will occur once every few million years here in the Milky Way, and in fact may occur once every several hundred million years within a few thousand light-years of Earth.
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