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So I think it just depends on the person! Moreover, for all its fabled mystery, the hymen is just a body part. Smart fellow who could not fuck the girl made her engulf his dick. For the first one, she and her husband engaged in foreplay for 2 WEEKS before he was able to penetrate and she cried as it was very painful. I'm ashamed to say, that I've been guilty of it myself. I was not expecting it to hurt because i was told by a trusted authority - two sex ed teachers - exactly what you just said and I was REALLY looking forward to my first time. Hello read your article and thot l cld ask.

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Painful sex and bleeding doesn't mean your hymen is to blame Submitted by Anonymous on August 22, - am. So please consider sharing. Reader Tips Dirty Talking Guide 1. What are you so gung-ho in accusing this man of, besides not knowing you personally? How could you judge a virgin by her bleeding?

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Minutes of the February Board of Directors Meeting. And broke up with me because I was a "liar", the shamed me in front of my peers. So untrue Submitted by Julia on May 20, - pm. Cowgirl Sex Positions 5. But in most women, by adolescence , any remaining hymenal tissue offers no significant impediment to using tampons or enjoying pain-free intercourse.
Now um gonna marry another guy next month. For thousands of years, many cultures have believed that "breaking" the hymen caused pain, hence the belief , still current, that women experience—in fact, should experience—pain on first intercourse. Because the hymen wears away on its own with time, a year old has a higher chance of bleeding than a year old. Weather Forecast Weather Maps. As a man, I can vouch for the violent tendencies of most men. Not every woman feels the hymen tear or experiences bleeding.
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