Sec bans naked short selling

Share Facebook Twitter Linked In. Where does that money come from? The bottom line is hedge funds should not be able to short a struggling company into the dirt. What they do is set a line in the sand that the management of a company better not cross. Three of its five major investment banks — Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch — have either gone out of business or been driven into the arms of another bank. This only happens because most longs do not realize they are participating in actions that are against their own best interest.
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Patient & Health Advocacy

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SEC imposes emergency ban on short-selling

Sorry for all the questions but your statement leaves me scratching the old head bone. The new rules, if they are enacted, will mean that the markets react much more slowly to thieves and morons than they used to and God knows they were never too quick. Although possible, it is unlikely that Canadian regulators will pass significant, permanent restrictions on short selling, as the current rules appear to address the concerns that led to the restrictions in the United States. Please contact customerservices lexology. President Herbert Hoover condemned short sellers and even J. Not everybody agrees with that.
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The system is over leveraged and interconnected, credit default swaps with hundreds of counter parties, auction rates securities markets seize up and municipalities are looking at bankruptcy, the commercial paper market vaporizes, and the money markets need a backstop. I think that getting one's tits in a twitter over the possibility of ending short selling are focusing on the wrong problem and overstating the case for liquidity in the market place. Its like saying I'm Un-American just because I did not buy a house at its peak market price so the pooor long previous buyer did not make the maximum profit. If I'm wrong and decide to pay off the loan I have to buy the stock at a higher price to repay the loan plus the original lender still gets the profit from the increase in stock price. Why would the capital markets collapse if people could only sell stuff they already owned? Does selling houses provide liquidity to the real estate market, or is it available capital saved or borrowed that provides liquidity? However, market manipulation by short sellers, such as abusive naked short selling and false rumors, whether conducted by short sellers alone or groups of short sellers acting in concert, is also adversely impacting emerging biotechnology companies.
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Remember when going long the internet was a "sure thing". My personal opinion - betting is for Vegas and the OTB. Several months ago, rumors were being spread of "runs" on banks that even now when they are at deaths door have not seen a "run". I'm with you Goose, put back in the uptick rule. I have been told that what is underway is a large scale witch hunt that in the next few weeks will show the public some 'very well known' names ending up in jail. Either way, it seems pretty clear having an oil man running the show for 8 years didn't work out so well.
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